Living On Mission

Our lives as believers are given to us for a purpose, which is to spread the gospel, telling others about Jesus, and inviting them to experience a life-changing relationship with Him. As we go and tell, we share hope with others, and as the number of believers in a given area grows, it can create the need for new churches to be planted. As we give our lives to God's purposes, He uses us to carry out His plan. 

  • Anyone can access online resources to share the gospel. Using this app, we can share God's love with anyone we meet. 

  • Imagine the impact if every Christian had ONE person they prayed for and shared the gospel with. Who are you committing to pray for?

  • God’s Plan for Sharing (GPS) is a strategic framework to assist Southern Baptist churches see the Great Commission fulfilled in our lifetime, by aligning our ministry efforts to the components of: prayer, equipping, sowing and harvesting.

  • The Evangelism with Johnny Hunt podcast is designed to equip pastors and their churches to share the hope of the gospel.